I HOPE all you guys that dont play club penguin

will sign up on club penguin,…..

i got a old penguin today on april3 friday

thats today….i won him on a prize.                      billy test is 3 days old

he is 340 days


MY PENGUIN IS 848 days old

name carcat

if you ever see me you can just add me to your freinds list…


8 responses

28 05 2009

Whats up with the rockhopper tracker, i tried it and it was wrong.

28 05 2009

oh sorry plz if theres anything else wrong comment i will tell my company about the problem.

i might not fix the rockhopper tracker beacause are group took us 1 year to make it migh be fixed next year.or might get fixed in a week or month i am nt rely sure

3 06 2009

like your website mon

7 06 2009

Do you now own a blog? how did you get to reply to me Thats wierd?

28 07 2009

nom blogert

16 01 2010

i go on cp to name on its jarred2000

13 03 2010

i ussually go on server frozen somtimes my house is open

9 01 2012

Come see my site to become an author it is

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