Club Penguin: Medieval Party 2013 Coming in September!

12 09 2013

Hey everyone! Polo Field just made a “sneak peek” post on the official Club Penguin blog, letting us know what’s coming to Club Penguin over the next month, along with some mysterious screenshot images to leave us wondering and guessing!BlogSeptSneakPeek 1377294139 Club Penguin: Medieval Party 2013 Coming in September!

Here’s his quoted post below, what do you guys think these snapshots are about? Looks like dragon scales and a giant eye to me!

September is just around the corner and we have a bunch of exciting stuff coming up for you.

You may have already heard that the Medieval Party is headed our way on September 19! The team is excited to bring back a classic Club Penguin party with a completely new twist. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

In other exciting news, Rockhopper is coming back to the island! Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll have some meet up times so you don’t miss him.

Until then…waddle on!


Club Penguin September 2013 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats

12 09 2013

Front Cover:


1. Go to the 5th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on the Penguin’s beak to get the Blue Shield.


1. Go to the 6th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. CLick on the red crown to get the Blue Crown.


1. Go to the 6th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on the penguin’s arm to get the Fairy Wings.


1. Go to the 7th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on the hair item to get the Red Shield.


1. Go to the 8th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on the shovel on the penguin to get the Purple Butterfly Wings.


1. Go to the 9th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on the white hair to get the princess outfits.


1. Go to the 9th page in the Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop.
2. Click on helmet next to the armor the to get the Boots.


Penguins at Work:


Club Penguin January 2013 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats!

21 01 2013

Here are the new hidden items cheats for the January issue of the Penguin Style catalog!

To find the The Sea Breeze Wig:

To find the Silver Stilettos:

To find the Squiggle Shoes:

To find the Cozy Orange Scarf:

To find the Red Viking Helmet:

To find the Blue Viking Helmet:

To find the Tree Costume:

To find the Bunny Slippers:

To find the Tousled Wig, Toboggan Suit, and Snowboard Boots:


How to unlock a Club Penguin Book Code

21 01 2013

Step 1. Login with your Penguin Name and Password.

Step 2. Click the “Unlock Items Online!” badge in the corner of your screen.

Step 3. You will need your book with you. Choose “I’ve got a Book”.

Step 4. Choose the book you have with you.

Step 5. Answer the question by giving the word it asks for.

Step 6. You will then be given special items.

Congratulations! You have unlocked a book code, you can unlock other books but you can’t unlock the same book twice. 

Club Penguin Field Ops 81 Cheats

17 05 2012

Club Penguin has just released the new EPF Field Ops 81 cheats! Club Penguin Insiders brings you the Club Penguin Cheats and secrets for this latest Club Penguin field ops.

To start the field-op go to the EPF Command Room and click on the field-ops screen. Search the island for mushrooms, and use your phone to “give them power”. This will, apparently, help G in his research.

Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising, and we must prepare for it! Search the island for mushrooms, and use your technology to give them power. This will help my research.

Read on for the Field Ops Location


Field Ops Video

field ops 81 location mushrooms Club Penguin Field Ops 81 Cheats    May 10

Field Ops Location — Beach

How to find the mushrooms

  1. Accept the Field-Op in the EPF headquarters.
  2. Bring up your map and click on Beach.
  3. Waddle to the spot shown on the right, in the lower left of the Beach.
  4. Click your spyphone.

How to complete the minigame

Check out our Field Ops Cheats video above for an example of how to beat it.

Once you complete the Club Penguin Field Ops you will receive another medal which you can spend towards EPF gear, and you will find the following message:

Agent – you have done well. Though “giving power” to mushrooms is unusual, I trust G. EPF radar is definitely picking up something. Be ready – Club Penguin may be in danger.

Field-OP 76 – Bypass The System Cheat!

9 04 2012

We are continuing Dot’s plan to lure Herert with EPF Technology. This time with a big difference. We’re NOT working undercover. Find an unplugged machine and upload a secret message onto it. Wear your uniforms, and draw attention. We WANT you to be noticed.

[accept field-op]

Now, head over to the Dance Club and go upstairs and find the game that is not turned on!

Answer your phone and get ready for your mission:

Bypass the system! This is a mach up game. You will only use arrows left and right:

In this example the 2 images are matched up and lined up. The trick is every time you match them up and they connect, go back to the middle with the arrows, don’t get stuck on the left or right.

Field-OP Complete:

Well done! It must have been a bit strange trying to be noticed, instead of working undercover. You did extremely well. Hopefully Herbert saw the commotion. If he tries to break into the machine, we’ll spot him. I’ll be watching carefully.

Free Penguin with 40,000 coins!

12 02 2012

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