Field-OP 76 – Bypass The System Cheat!

9 04 2012

We are continuing Dot’s plan to lure Herert with EPF Technology. This time with a big difference. We’re NOT working undercover. Find an unplugged machine and upload a secret message onto it. Wear your uniforms, and draw attention. We WANT you to be noticed.

[accept field-op]

Now, head over to the Dance Club and go upstairs and find the game that is not turned on!

Answer your phone and get ready for your mission:

Bypass the system! This is a mach up game. You will only use arrows left and right:

In this example the 2 images are matched up and lined up. The trick is every time you match them up and they connect, go back to the middle with the arrows, don’t get stuck on the left or right.

Field-OP Complete:

Well done! It must have been a bit strange trying to be noticed, instead of working undercover. You did extremely well. Hopefully Herbert saw the commotion. If he tries to break into the machine, we’ll spot him. I’ll be watching carefully.




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