Im not sure

14 05 2011

Probally ganna retire from this clubpenguin so yeah but im probally not from runescape 😛


Sad puppie faces

14 05 2011

Sad puppie faces

14 05 2011

More sad puppy face (its popular)

14 05 2011

Sad Puppy Face

It’s Week 9, almost Week 10.
I just wanna be home.

New record

14 05 2011

19,000 views im so happy 😛

Field-OP Mission 43: Firewall Challenge

7 05 2011

Field-OP Mission 43 Agents! This is a fun one! Get ready and head over to the EPF room to accept this new challenge.

This mission is about a secret code that has been sent to the EPF Agents and needs to be decoded!

Accept the Field-OP and stay in the EPF room and look over to the computer at the left side and stand there! Answer your EPF phone to start the mission:

Did anyone get this glitch first:

I did! As you can see you have to bypass the firewall to receive the message.

This one can get tricky if you focus on the patterns… instead focus on the color and match those up to complete this mission quick!

You have completed the challenge and you get a message from Herbert P. Bear:

(To: Gerald the Gadget Guy.) I evah a lasoporp rof uoy.

ehT tobotorP sah nrow tuo sti emoclew. I thgim redisnoc a pihsrentrap ot laed htiw ti.

peeK ti neewteb su, dna tel em wonk ruoy noisiced.

To translate, you have to reverse the words!

Here is  the Translation:

I have a proposal for you.

The Protobot has worn out its welcome. I might consider a partnership to deal with it.

Keep it between us, and let me know your decision.

EPF Messages: A Bunch of them

7 05 2011

I have been keeping track of these messages on club penguin from the EFP phone and saved them to post here in 1 day. Does anyone have ideas on what is coming next!
G – April 30th:
Herbert and Protobot have gone quiet again. This is a good opportunity to prepare. Next week, I’ll start by explaining more about classes.

G: May 1st:
Tactical agents are experts of snowball combat. They are heavily armored, and solve problems head-on with as much action as possible.

G: May 2nd:

Tech agents are gadget-geniuses and computer experts. They solve problems with intellect, and are most powerful in front of a computer.

G: May 2nd:

Stealth agents are masters of disguise. They solve problems by watching and waiting for the right time to act. They are very secretive.

G: May 3rd:

Comm Agents are experts in intel and recon. They solve problems with information and diplomacy. They are excellent leaders.

Rookie – May 5th:
Whoa! Have any other agents done this week’s Field-Op? If not, make sure to write down the message. I’m trying to figure out what it says…