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5 04 2011


Club Penguin Renovated Dance Lounge Mini Games

1 04 2011

Awesome, the brand new Dance Lounge has finally arrived on Club Penguin! The Dance Lounge has been renovated and added a new game called Bits and Bolts. Check out the renovated Dance Lounge:

I really like the new Dance Lounge. A few new details include a drink machine, 2 tables with chairs, a basic dance floor, and some kind of snowball contraption? Cool! Do you like this new renovated Dance Lounge, or do you think it was better before?

Club Penguin Bits & Bolts Mini Game Coin Cheats

1 04 2011

Along with the brand new renovated Dance Lounge on Club Penguin, there has been a new game called Bits & Bolts that has been released. . To access the new game, go to the Dance Lounge and click on the Bits & Bolts game.

Here is what the start up screen looks like:

Now, below are Club Penguin Coin Cheats and directions that will help you with Bits and Bolts. The game is fairly simple, so there shouldn’t be much difficulty with the game. All it takes its math skills and fast reflexes.

How to Play Bits and Bolts

Bits and Bolts is so easy that it deserves to be in the Dance Lounge along with Puffle Ice and Astro Barrier. To play this game, all you need to do is sum up all of the bolts that appear above our cursor. For example, if a 3 appears, you will click on a pair of bolts and a single bolt. Here is what I mean:

Easy, right? There are also blocks that appear with “plus” signs. Clicking on these blocks will result in clearing the level, which is a good thing.

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #285

1 04 2011

A brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper has been released, and this is issue 285! This post will cover all of the major details that are included in the newspaper. This newspaper is a special edition because of the April Fool’s Party 2011.

The main headline for the newspaper this week is included with news about the Box Dimension. According to the newspaper, the Box DImension is the most confusing place of all time! Be sure to enjoy this before April 4th when the party ends.

The next headline that’s featured in the newspaper has the results of this week’s St. Patrick’s Igloo Contest! Go log on and see if your igloo has been chosen. Congratulations to every penguin that was chosen as a winner, including the runner-ups.

Now, here are all of the upcoming events:

Out Now! – New Penguin Style Catalog
April 1 – Pay Day for Tour Guides
April 8 – New Better Igloos Catalog

That’s all of the most important stories in the latest issue of the newspaper! Check back next week for updates.

EPF Message: G & Rookie!

1 04 2011


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March 28th – G:
All communication systems have returned to normal. Great work everyone!

Of course! We are awesome for protecting club penguin!

March 31st – Rookie:
Update – hey everyone! G and the Director have given me orders to work on learning to translate crab. Hope to see you at the party!

Hey, we have been waiting for a long time now for this translation! I want to know what he is saying. Maybe the Crab is saying! Help me! I want to join club penguin.

Penguin Style: April 2011 Catalog Cheats

1 04 2011

Happy April Fools Day! This year there is some cool new items, I just bought a space suit!

Go to the town and enter the gift shop and get your items today! Here are the club penguin cheats for the 2011 catalog!

White Cocoa Bunny Costume
White Cocoa Bunny Ears

Ocean Blue Zipper Jacket

Cocoa Bunny Costume
Cocoa Bunny Ears

Candy Cane Wing Warmers

Brown Cowboy Hat

Blue Fuzzy Hat
Blue Flower Sandals

Big White Scarf