i met sensei and the backround look s like this

4 07 2009

carcatsensei is a meber also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sensei


the remembering of Michael Jackson,Farrah Facett and Billy miaze

4 07 2009


billy miaze

sensei tracker!!!!!!!

3 07 2009

just she if the tracker is right if its not going on your computer plz click on the tracker it willl go on a diffrent web site with the same tracker!!!!!!!!!

Sensei Tracker

tracker for all the famouse people from clubpenguin!!!!!!!!

3 07 2009

just click on the tracker and you get to the website its so easy!!!!!!!!!!!


The Penguin Band Ultimate Tracker


Currently: ONLINE

Current Server: Tracking…

Current Room: Tracking…

A few facts about the Penguin Band:

  • The Penguin Band have been performing on Club Penguin from very long ago, since the year 2006.
  • There are 2 backgrounds which they gave out in 2006, and another one which they recently gave out last year.
  • The Band consists of 4 different people, mainly known as Billy G, Stompin Bob, Petey K and Franky


Cadence Ultimate Tracker:


Currently : Online

Current Server:  Tracking… ( Last Seen Alaska)

Current Room: Tracking… ( Last Seen At The Backstage Area, at the server mentioned above)

Keep refreshing for constant updates.

A few facts about DJ Cadence:

  • DJ Cadence first came during the Dance-A-Thon event, to give out her autographed backgrounds of the penguins who met her.
  • She created the Dance Contest game, available at the night club.
  • She usually breakdances while talking to penguins.
  • This is the second time she is going around to meet penguins.


Gary The Gadget Guy Ultimate Tracker:


Currently: Offline

Current Server: (NIL)

Current Room: ( NIL)

Note: Gary will arrive next week, together with the Penguin Band.